Who is ARION?

ARION specialises exclusively in premium dog food. Its extensive range includes specific products tailored to the needs of pet shops, breeders and vets.

ARION is only available through these sales channels. They guarantee the high level of expertise required for selling high quality dog food. ARION products are developed by technical teams working in close collaboration with the ARION research centre. Before any ARION product is launched, it is tested there, or an independent centre.

ARION products are subjected to rigorous quality control. Every ingredient is analysed to guarantee its physical and microbiological quality. Before ARION products leave the factory, they are checked again. This is to verify that they meet the most stringent quality standards, have the correct nutrients in the correct amounts and that they have been properly manufactured.

Quality management and control

A commitment to quality

We understand the special bond between you and your dog. That’s why we focus on providing quality food which nourishes each precious pet. We work on a daily basis to ensure and improve our high quality standards. Our nutritionists and vets dedicate themselves daily to this continuous improvement in order to provide you with innovative formulae which deliver an ideal nutritional answer to meet your dog’s specific needs.

A lean production philosophy and a modern, automated production process are two cornerstones for producing high quality products. This, and the commitment of our employees through the entire production and supply chain, is why ARION products meet the latest BRC standards. By monitoring all deliveries of raw materials and every batch of finished product, we ensure the guarantees needed to provide you with a top quality product designed to meet your dog’s individual needs.

A commitment to sustainability

We recognise that every one of our activities has an impact on the environment. From the beginning, our policy was to limit our environmental impact and produce nutritious quality foods in a responsible and caring way. In our vision we strive for a sustainable production which doesn’t compromise future generations. Continuous monitoring and reducing our ecological footprint have become second nature to us. Selecting local suppliers and covering our warehouse roofs with solar panels have already reduced our carbon emissions. This total approach to everything we do, from sourcing raw materials, to production, distribution to consumers, and the disposal of our packaging, forms the basis of future improvements. And because we believe that we can do even better, sustainability is a process of continuous improvement.


ARION wants all owners to enjoy their pets, and our way of achieving this is to provide them with the very best food. All our products have been developed to achieve a single goal: our friends enjoying a healthy, happy life.


Because ARION uses the best ingredients
To provide a healthy and happy life
Because love and closeness inspire us


In a society where time is money and people are always looking for the best solutions, ARION applies advanced knowledge in order to design high quality products. We do this with 'sensitivity' and 'simplicity'.

  • Sensitivity, because pets are very important to us. Their well-being and health are our main objectives, and all our technology, expertise and innovation in pet nutrition is dedicated to that.
  • Simplicity, because we use natural raw ingredients, formulated according to our extensive experience in nutrition and brought to the market to offer the best value for money.

Feeding your enjoyment

What do we mean by 'Feeding your enjoyment'?
  • ARION wants owners and their pets to enjoy one another, and we achieve that by giving them the best nutrition.
  • ARION products have been developed to reach our objective of giving our four-legged friends healthy and happy lives.
  • ARION uses all its knowledge to develop high quality foods by using only natural ingredients.
  • We feed the best moments: walking and running together, doing highly competitive sports, or simply relaxing at home. Even when we enter dog shows, we want to ensure that our pet is more elegant and beautiful.
  • In all these everyday situations, ARION is the best option for our four-legged friends to live healthily and happily.
  • Their friendship and love inspire us.